10 Effective Ways Kenyans are Making Money Online

Everyone wants to make some extra cash. The internet has provided so many avenues and opportunities to earn an extra coin, especially in Kenya. It has removed those financial and geographical limitations to earn some cash. With a stable internet connection, a computer, and passion, nothing can stand between your way to making good money online. Here are some of the simple ways Kenyans are making money online:

1. Megatraders.app

It is a binary options trading platform in Kenya. With this platform, all you have to do is predict the direction of cryptocurrencies and win some cash. The software is praised by top experts in the binary options industry, making it a reliable choice of earning an extra coin. In addition, megatraders.app has easy-to-use features that ensure every player has an easy time navigating the platform.

With a professional support team that is online 24/7, all your concerns and questions will be answered.

How to Play

  1. Create an account on megatraders.app
  2. Predict the direction of the selected cryptocurrency’s price in the nearest future. For example, predict if the price of bitcoin will go up or down after say 5 seconds.
  3. Win up to 80% your stake if your prediction is correct.
  4. Withdraw your earnings to M-Pesa
  5. Repeat.

2. Jengacash.com

Jengacash is a spin-to-win game that is easy and efficient. With this game, you can win lots of cash prizes. All you do is register a new account and buy credits by depositing money to the account via Mpesa. After that, select your stake and spin the wheel. If the wheel stops at the exact selection you had made, the stake amount will be multiplied by that number you had selected. Then, you can withdraw all your earnings on the platform or some if you want.

With Jengacash.com you also have the option to predict a certain outcome on the wheel. Here you predict that the wheel will stop at a certain multiplier and enter your stake amount with the minimum being ksh 20. If the wheel stops at the multiplier you predicted, your stake will be multiplied by that particular multiplier’s odds.

3. Become a freelancer

Some talents sell very profitably online. For example, if you are an artist, writer, photographer, or graphic designer, you can sell your services on the internet.

a. Freelance writing

Becoming a freelance writer is among the easiest things to do online. While starting, you may not receive huge amounts, but you expect the income to keep shooting as you progress. So, keep looking for high-paying clients as you grow your skill and take your writing to the next level. Look for freelance writing jobs on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and LinkedIn.

b. Do small tasks

If you are not creative enough, you could still offer convenient services to people. Set up a website and explain what you offer to people. That could be moving, running errands, putting furniture together, and picking up groceries.

4. Blogging

Many Kenyans make money blogging today. Blogs are informational sites where bloggers share their thoughts or findings on a given subject. With blogging, you have to find a favorable niche to write about. Then, monetize the blog and earn cash from it via affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling digital products, etc. You have to note that blogs might take sometime before they can make you huge amounts of time. You also have to be good at what you write about. There are a million and one blog today on the internet so ensure your blog stands out and give people valuable information.

5. Freelance Web Design, Development, and Maintenance

If you have the CSS and HTML coding skills, you can make money online by selling these skills. Freelance web designers get a good amount of cash from developing and maintaining client’s websites. If you know the programming languages, then consider selling this service over the internet. With this job you have to show clients that you are capable of effectively handling the tasks. Set up a perfect profile on social media that describes your abilities. You can also get web design jobs on Upwork and through pitching the clients. Get a name for your business and remember the best way to keep it professional and land high-paying clients is creating a Facebook and Instagram page for it.

6. Digital marketing services

Many people are willing to pay you good amounts of cash if you can successfully market their services or goods on the internet. Popular digital marketing types include SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, influencer marketing, and online advertising. For example, people who have a massive following on social media can promote other people’s businesses at a fee. Many Kenyans today engage in the digital marketing business. If you have a ton of active Instagram or Facebook followers then you can leverage on this. You could also create a Facebook group solely as a business to market client’s businesses online. With this business you have to learn of the hacks of effective marketing. You need to know where to get the target audience, at what time are they online etc. 

7. Launch an informative YouTube channel

Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, making it the biggest video hosting website worldwide. Currently, YouTube is the second biggest search engine, with the first one being Google. Most YouTube users want to get information and be entertained. So, you want to launch a YouTube channel that entertains your audience or gives them information like cooking recipes, making money online, etc. Then, monetize the channel and make good cash from the same. However, you need to understand that the channel has to grow first before it can make you money. There are certain thresholds you have to complete to be able to monetize the channel such as a specific number of watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

8. Graphic design

Help businesses craft profitable brands online if you are creative. There are several tools like Venngage, Visme, Adobe Illustrator, and Stencil that help creatives create distinctive designs for businesses. Become a graphic designer and sell your designs to firms or other marketplaces. Creating a brand on social media platforms will enable high-paying clients see your work and reach out. You can also sell your services on marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr.

9. Virtual assistantship

These are basically personal assistants only that they work online. They engage remotely with their clients and handle all their tasks remotely. VAs offer administrative support for individuals and businesses remotely. Some of their main jobs include marketing, proofreading, editing, writing, internet research, scheduling appointments, data entry, graphic design, customer service, blog management, social media management, and event planning. To grow as a virtual assistant, you need to have a strong profile online that showcases your prowess. Reviews and comments from previous clients will also go a long way in getting you new clients.

10. Forex Trading

Forex trading entails selling and buying of currencies online. Many Kenyans are venturing into this space since it is a lucrative business. Here all you have to do is purchase at a low price and sell at a higher price earning you some profit. However, you need some training before trading your money. It may not be that welcoming when starting out. But if you have the passion, it can be a profitable business just like any other. There are several platforms that offer these training services for a small amount of money.

Final Thoughts

Kenyans are making good money online. The best part is that these online tasks are quite flexible. You will also get paid according to your rates. The more you get better at what you do, the more money clients are willing to pay.

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